6 Historic and Reliable Toyota Cars you Still See on The Road Today

Toyota has become one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry. When you think of used cars that are going to be reliable, Toyota is a name that many car dealerships will bring up right off the bat.  Here are five historic and reliable cars from this brand that you still see on the road today.

1. Corolla

As the base model sedan of the company, the Corolla was used by families, students, professionals, and more. It is not uncommon to see Corollas from the 90s on the road in great condition. These sedans have great gas mileage and can easily go over 200,000 miles if you take care of them.

2. Camry

If you are looking for a slightly bigger and more luxurious version of the Corolla, the Camry is the model for you. This premium sedan model is just as reliable as the Corolla while giving you a slightly more luxurious feel. These sedans are also very able to run well past 200,000 miles.

3. 4Runner

Many car enthusiasts have called the 4Runner one of the most reliable SUVs of all time. It is a well-known fact of auto mechanics around the world that the 4Runner’s engine can perform well over 300,000 miles. This is one car on the list that you can still see 80s models still on the road.

4. MR2

If you are searching for a sporty and reliable car, look no further than the MR2. This car was created from the futuristic designs of the late 80s and early 90s. While there is a lot to enjoy from this car, you will still the reliability that Toyota offers.

5. Tacoma

The Tacoma is a reliable pick up model that has been a standard for work and recreation for many years. Whether you are looking to buy a classic older Tacoma or buy a slightly newer one, you will be amazed by the reliability of this pick up that just seems like it will never stop.

6. Supra

As one of the flagship sports cars for this brand, the Supra has put its mark on popular culture. Being featured in movies like The Fast and the Furious has only further solidified the historic nature of this reliable sports car.

These are just a few of the many beautiful and reliable Toyota cars that are available in the used market today. You will not be disappointed by the amazing quality and reliability these cars give you.

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