Avoid Used Car Headaches By Conducting A VIN Search

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So you see a used car you really like and are seriously thinking about buying. The salesperson gives you this long pitch about how great the car is. That’s fine, well, and good, but how do you know for sure? Always get a vehicle history report before you commit to buying a used car. The is the one fool-proof way to avoid being saddled with a lemon. The vehicle identification number will give you all the information you need to know before pulling the trigger on a purchase. Does it have a salvaged title? Flood damage? Has it been in any other accidents? CARPROOF VIN decode report can answer all of these questions.


VIN History


Although VIN numbers have been around since the early 1950s, they were not standardized until the 1980s. A car history search is the most vital way of protecting yourself when you decide to purchase a vehicle. For example, what if the car is stolen? If you purchase a vehicle that obtained illegally, not only will you be forced to give it back, getting recompense will be next to impossible. Sadly, many people fall victim to scams and schemes involving used cars. Whether you’re buying from a lot or from a private buyer, it makes sense to invest a few bucks to check VIN number.


Locating VIN Number


It is very easy to find the VIN number on a vehicle. Most cars display them right inside the door panel. You will see a line of 17 alphanumeric characters. In some older models the VIN number may be a bit shorter. While some people may think VIN numbers are just some numbers and letters randomly chosen, that is not the case. The VIN decode deciphers all of the characters. For instance, the first number tells where the vehicle was built. As you move down the line, certain single and multiple characters groupings reveal other pertinent information like the vehicle manufacturer, engine size, brand, vehicle year, where it was manufactured, security code and vehicle security number.
You can find a free VIN look up report with CARPROOF. Nothing can be more crushing than finding out your dream car is really not all it’s cracked up to be. Another tip: if your VIN search uncovers tampering, report it to the police. This could save someone else from becoming a victim.

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