The New Jaguar: Reaching Greater Heights

The car of today is becoming increasingly much more than something that gets people to the office or shopping malls and back. Car technology is changing faster than ever before and the new Jaguar is not being left behind!

The latest multimedia systems are allowing for emails to be opened, read and replied, hands-free calls can now be made, and cars that are electric powered are running home electronics ready for your arrival. For example, imagine the garage door opening magically as you approach or the car turning on your home’s central heating system when you are still half a mile away!

New Jaguar Offerings

Jaguar is eager to acquire new customers and towards that goal, the company has come up with a new line-up of more attractive, affordable, and feature packed offerings. For example, the new Jaguar XE, with a starting price of below $40,000, is the least expensive vehicle among the company’s line up.

The Jaguar F-Type SVR, with a starting price of $130,000, and reaching $150,000 with options, is the most expensive offering from the brand. The brand’s F-Pace SUV, although a newcomer to line up, is Jaguar’s most popular car, already outselling the rest of the offerings from the company.

Going Electric

Electric cars are for sure not a new thing, but auto sector experts are predicting that their popularity will continue to rise. Sales of electric cars were reported to have risen by 65% for 2015 when pitted against 2014. Recently, Jaguar announced that it is returning to racing after a 10 year break and will be entering the Formula E electric racing series.

Jaguar is working simultaneously on a variety of electric vehicles that are going to carry both Land Rover and Jaguar badges. Production is set to commence in 2017, before they hit your car dealership.

No Hands Driving

Automated driving that comes with features like radar-based cruise control that helps you to keep up with stop/start traffic, yet with minimal input on your part is becoming more popular and common. Yet be ready to see even more awesome features in the years ahead. Jaguar Land Rover recently announced a whopping £11 million investment that is going towards autonomous driving.

For starters, the new Jaguar comes with the radar and sensor systems that keeps your car in lane and steers clear of danger, and the new Car-to-X communications system. However, for now, you will still have to keep your hands on the wheel, but hopefully not for too long.


At this particular phase of the auto industry, it’s a really fascinating to be a car designer and even better to be in the market for a new car. With the prospect of self-driving cars, new technology for better road visibility, and much more, perhaps there has never been a better time to visit your car dealership and refresh your driving experience.

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